In Netherlands,religious groups built a pillarized infrastructure to draw sharp boundaries around different devotional communities.Maybe it’s a magical thing because they use architecture to make a difference to people.There are also some organizational things at the show, like a bunch of car models.I think they can be connected.

These two quotes come from

This book’s name is ORDINARY,citizenship.and genetic identities,karen-sue-taussig.The author is Duke University Press.Durham and London 2009.

This passage is about penicillin. He may have done a wrong experiment, but when he returned to the lab, he found a bacteria on the board. Because this invented penicillin. There are many exhibits in the exhibition. It’s human body. I think this is related to human health. I think it’s about human health. Maybe they can relate to it.

This is from a book THE DISCOVERY OF PENICILLIN and the author is De la Bedoyere,Guy.The press is Evans Brothers Limited 2005.

final result

It’s a monogrammed logo that looks like a deer.I think a letter is more than just a letter.I was collecting some pictures of deer and found that their horns were similar to the letters, so I decided to make a letter logo.I decided to model the logo using Maya software and then use other software to make stop-motion animation.I think the most difficult part is that I need someone to model the software. I searched the application course of the software on the Internet and then began to learn and make it.After constant adjustment and modification, I finally succeeded.I want to learn more about software to make animation.I am not familiar with the operation of the software, so it will be slow.I need to make the model more detailed and cost more managers to draw the line in the early stage, so that the later filling will be more perfect.

digital space

I wish I could go to digital space
I am very interested in 3d animation and visual effects. When watching films, I would be curious about how such films are made and would like to participate in the production.I learned part of Maya and made the model.I’m looking forward to learning more about animation and visual effects.Learn more about the use of software, I would be using too little software now.I’m going to practice more hand-drawn basics and visit some exhibitions, and I think the basics and ideas are important.I hope I can be engaged in the industry of film and television production in the future.


About my impression of the London college of communication:
I think the teachers are very enthusiastic and will give me some machines to operate.The teacher at the front desk also communicated well and helped me solve many difficulties.I feel the environment of LCC is very good and suitable for learning.There are also libraries and study rooms, which is a great school.