My final result is a stop-motion animation. Cucumbers and some material I made a five-second short animation, take the melon form the L shape, by the impact of onion formed after h. Onions on behalf of the bad things, L lose, H is for happy. The subject of the story is that when attacked by bad things we lost some things, should not give up, we can adjust oneself, efforts to create, things might get better than before.
My inspiration comes from: when I did research, I found that many objects in life, such as buildings, tables, chairs, food and so on, could form letters, which surprised me. I found that art can come from life. I decided to make an animation with the food in life to prove that food can also be moved. Art can come from daily life.
I should learn more about animation, try more equipment to make animation, and learn to make better animation. Do more research and enrich my work.


In Netherlands,religious groups built a pillarized infrastructure to draw sharp boundaries around different devotional communities.Maybe it’s a magical thing because they use architecture to make a difference to people.There are also some organizational things at the show, like a bunch of car models.I think they can be connected.

These two quotes come from

This book’s name is ORDINARY GENOMES.science,citizenship.and genetic identities,karen-sue-taussig.The author is Duke University Press.Durham and London 2009.

This passage is about penicillin. He may have done a wrong experiment, but when he returned to the lab, he found a bacteria on the board. Because this invented penicillin. There are many exhibits in the exhibition. It’s human body. I think this is related to human health. I think it’s about human health. Maybe they can relate to it.

This is from a book THE DISCOVERY OF PENICILLIN and the author is De la Bedoyere,Guy.The press is Evans Brothers Limited 2005.