In Netherlands,religious groups built a pillarized infrastructure to draw sharp boundaries around different devotional communities.Maybe it’s a magical thing because they use architecture to make a difference to people.There are also some organizational things at the show, like a bunch of car models.I think they can be connected.

These two quotes come from

This book’s name is ORDINARY,citizenship.and genetic identities,karen-sue-taussig.The author is Duke University Press.Durham and London 2009.

This passage is about penicillin. He may have done a wrong experiment, but when he returned to the lab, he found a bacteria on the board. Because this invented penicillin. There are many exhibits in the exhibition. It’s human body. I think this is related to human health. I think it’s about human health. Maybe they can relate to it.

This is from a book THE DISCOVERY OF PENICILLIN and the author is De la Bedoyere,Guy.The press is Evans Brothers Limited 2005.

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